Flash Player requirements

To use Flash Player, ensure that your environment meets the necessary requirements.

Here are the requirements for the Flash Player:

  • To play back with Primetime.js, install at least Flash Player version 23.
  • To be prompted for updates to Flash Player version 23 or later, install at least Flash Player version 11.0.0.

Packaging requirements

Playback with Flash Player requires the following SWF files:

  • The main application SWF file that handles Browser TVSDK APIs.
  • The playerProductInstall.swf SWF file that handles Flash Player installation and updates.

In addition, video playback in Flash requires an authorization token file that might be a SWF or a .DAT file. The path to the SWF files, the authorization token file, and the token file name and type can be specified by using the AdobePSDK APIs.

For example:

// Set relative or http path to directory containing SWF.  
// Defaults to current directory for the html page. 
// Set the relative or http path to directory containing token file(s). 
// Defaults to SWFPath + "token/". 
// Set the name of the token file, do not include any path in this string. 
//Set the token type, "DAT" or "SWF". Defaults to "DAT" 

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