Product overview and audience

This guide provides information about how to develop video player applications using Browser TVSDK.

Product overview

The Adobe Primetime Software Development Kit (Browser TVSDK) is a toolkit that allows you to add advanced video playback functionality, content protection, and advertising to your browser-based video player applications. Browser TVSDK provides JavaScript APIs to build browser-based video applications, and includes playback support in the following modes:

  • HTML5 only
  • HTML5 with auto flash fallback
  • Flash always

This release includes the Browser TVSDK APIs and a sample reference implementation.

UI Framework

To help accelerate the UI development for JavaScript-based video player applications for browsers, Browser TVSDK includes a UI framework that consists of APIs to:

  • Include default UI controls such as play/pause, volume, and so on
  • Easily add (or remove) advanced playback UI controls without manipulating the DOM structure directly
  • Easily configure the behavior for the associated UI controls
  • Create custom UI controls
  • Skin the player UI based on requirements

For more information about the APIs for the UI framework, see UI Framework for Browser TVSDK 2.4.


This guide assumes that you understand how to develop applications and video players using JavaScript. You can implement a video player and incorporate Browser TVSDK features.

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