Create a Browserify-compatible player using the UI-Framework

Last update: 2023-10-02

Use the Browserify library files provided by Browser TVSDK in your app to create a Browserify-compatible player using the UI-Framework.

Sample Browserify files included in the TVSDK:

  • […]/samples/browserify/ui-framework/build/Gruntfile.js
  • […]/samples/browserify/ui-framework/build/package.json
  • […]/samples/browserify/ui-framework/examples/sample.html
  • […]/samples/browserify/ui-framework/examples/sample.js

To create a Browserify-compatible app using the UI-Framework, you must require the two Browserify modules (provided by Browser TVSDK) in your app code:

  1. Require Browserify modules:

    var AdobePSDK = require('../../../../frameworks/player/AdobePSDK.module.js');
    var ptp = require('../../../ui-framework/libs/Primetimevisualapi.module.js);
  2. Proceed with development as described in .

You can now bundle your app files using Browserify.

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