Last update: 2023-10-02

You can create a Browserify-compatible player using JS files provided by the Browser TVSDK.

Browser TVSDK provides two Browserify-compatible JS files. One is for use with the AdobePSDK module; this is for developing apps without the UI-Framework. The other is for use with the UI-Framework module; it returns the PTP namespace you use for writing apps using the UI-Framework.

To get started with Browserify, run the following setup commands to create final.js files (your Browserify bundle file) inside the example directories under samples/browerify/reference and samples/browerify/ui-framework:

  1. Navigate to samples/browserify/reference/build.

  2. Run the following commands:

    1. npm install
    2. node_modules/.bin/grunt
  3. Navigate to samples/browserify/ui-framework/build.

  4. Run the same commands as in Step 2.

With this setup done, you can proceed to create Browserify-compatible TVSDK apps based on the samples provided with the TVSDK.

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