Add listeners for TimelineUpdatedEvent

To receive notifications about timeline updates, register the appropriate event listeners.

Each time the timeline updates, the MediaPlayer dispatches AdobePSDK.TimelineEvent with type AdobePSDK.PSDKEventType.TIMELINE_UPDATED.

  1. Implement the appropriate listeners.

    function onTimelineUpdatedEvent(event) {
        var timelineMarkers = event.timeline.timelineMarkers;
        //add code to remove old timeline markers from scrub-bar.
        var range = player.playbackRange;
        //iterate through the list of timelineMarkers
        for(var i = 0; i < timelineMarkers.length; i++)
            var markerLocalTime = timelineMarkers[i].localRange.begin;
            var markerVirtualTime = timelineMarkers[i].virtualRange.begin;
            var duration = timelineMarkers[i].duration;
         // add code to draw a particular marker on scrub-bar
  2. Register the event listeners.


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