MediaPlayer attributes to access MediaResource information

The methods in the MediaPlayerItem class allow you to obtain information about the content stream that is represented by a loaded MediaResource.

Purpose Attribute Description
Live stream live True if the stream is live; false if it is VOD.
Closed captions hasClosedCaptions True if closed-caption tracks are available.
closedCaptionsTracks Provides a list of available closed-caption tracks.
selectedClosedCaptionsTrack Retrieves the closed caption track that was selected with selectClosedCaptionsTrack .
Alternate audio hasAlternateAudio

True if the stream has alternate audio tracks.

audioTracks Provides a list of available alternate audio tracks.
      Retrieves the currently selected audio track that were selected with
      selectAudioTrack .
Timed metadata hasTimedMetadata True if the stream has associated timed metadata.
timedMetadata Provides a list of the timed metadata objects that are associated with the stream.
Multiple profiles (bit rates) profiles
Provides a list of the associated bit rate profiles that are associated with this stream.

Note: You can retrieve the bit rate for each profile and the height and width of the profile.

Media resource resource Returns the media resource that is associated with this item.

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