QoS events

Browser TVSDK dispatches quality of service (QoS) events to notify your application about events that could influence the computation of QoS statistics, such as buffering and seeking events.

To be notified about all QoS-related events, create an instance of AdobePSDK.QOSProvider and attach the MediaPlayer instance to this QOSProvider instance:

var qosProvider = new AdobePSDK.QOSProvider();
// initialize QOS provider before setting media

Configure a timer in your application to periodically check the playbackInformation property of the qosProvider instance. The playbackInformation property provides a snapshot of the current playback statistics. For example:

var startTimer = function () {
   var metrics = qosProvider.playbackInformation;

    //analyze metrics
    //for e.g. metrics.timeToFirstByte ; metrics.timeToLoad etc.
    //refer API doc for supported metrics
window.setTimeout(startTimer, 500)

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