Cross-origin resource sharing

Support for the withCredentials attribute in XMLHttpRequests allows cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) requests to include the target domain’s cookies for a variety of request types.

When the client requests a manifest, segment, or key, the server may set a cookie that the client must pass for subsequent requests. To allow for reading and writing cookies, the client must set the withCredentials attribute to true for cross-origin requests.

To enable withCredentials support for most types of requests when playing a given media resource:

  1. Create the CORSConfig object.

    var corsConfig = new AdobePSDK.CORSConfig();
    corsConfig.enableEncryptionRequest = true;
  2. Attach the corsConfig to the NetworkConfiguration object and set useCookieHeaderForAllRequests to true.

    var networkConfig = new AdobePSDK.NetworkConfiguration();
    networkConfig.CORSConfig = corsConfig;
    networkConfiguration.useCookieHeaderForAllRequests= true;
  3. Set networkConfig in the MediaPlayerItemConfig object.

    var mediaPlayerItemConfig = new AdobePSDK.MediaPlayerItemConfig();
    mediaPlayerItemConfig.networkConfiguration = networkConfig;
  4. Pass MediaPlayerItemConfig to the MediaPlayer.replaceCurrentResource method.

    var player = new AdobePSDK.MediaPlayer();
    mediaResource = new AdobePSDK.MediaResource(url, AdobePSDK.MediaResourceType.HLS);
    player.replaceCurrentResource(mediaResource, mediaPlayerItemConfig);

The useCookieHeaderForAllRequests flag does not affect license requests. To set the withCredentials attribute to true for a license request, you must set the withCredentials attribute in your protection data or specify an authorization key in the httpRequestHeaders of your protection data. For example:

# Example 1
    "com.widevine.alpha": {
          "[YOUR_TOKEN</i]" }

# Example 2
    "com.widevine.alpha": {
        "httpRequestHeaders": {
            "authorization": "true"
          "[YOUR_TOKEN</i>]" }

The flag does not affect a license request because some servers set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin field to wildcard (‘*’) in their response. But, when the credentials flag is set to true, the wildcard cannot be used in Access-Control-Allow-Origin. If you set useCookieHeaderForAllRequests to true for all types of requests, you might see the following error for a license request:

Remember the following information:

  • When a call with withCredentials=true fails, Browser TVSDK retries the call without withCredentials.
  • When a call is made with networkConfiguration.useCookieHeaderForAllRequests=false, XHR requests are made without the withCredentials attribute.

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