Extensionless streams

Browser TVSDK currently supports the playback of streams where manifests and fragments do not contain extensions.

Fragment level

Browser TVSDK parses the first few bytes of the response to detect the content type of extensionless fragments. If no valid content type is detected, Browser TVSDK will throw an error.

Manifest level

Browser TVSDK uses the mediaResource.resourceType parameter that is passed in the replaceCurrentResource method to detect the content type of manifest URL. For more information, see the AdobePSDK.MediaPlayer class.

In the UI Framework player, you can specify the resource type in media resource as follows:

var playerWrapper = ptp.videoPlayer('.videoDiv', {
  player: {
    mediaResource: {
      resourceUrl:'Specify Resource Url',
      resourceType: ‘Specify Resource Type. Refer AdobePSDK.MediaResourceType'

If resourceType is not provided, the UI Framework determines the resource type from resource URL extension, which is then passed to replaceCurrentResource method.


For extension-less manifest, ensure that resourceType is always passed while loading a resource in the UI Framework.

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