Valid mime types

An ad might have multiple creative, out of which one is selected to be played.

With mime types, you can specify which creative type users can prioritize. The mime types that are specified by users and the mime types that are supported by Browser TVSDK are used to determine which creative will be prioritized.

To set the valid mime types in Browser TVSDK:

var auditudeSettings = new AdobePSDK.AuditudeSettings();
var mimeTypes = [“video/mp4”, “application/x-mpegURL”];
auditudeSettings.validMimeTypes = mimeTypes;

where mimeTypes is an array of strings, and each string represents a mime type.

In case multiple media files are returned for an ad, the selection depends upon the order in which the media files appear in validMimeTypes array. The mime types that have lower index are given a preference over the ones with higher index.

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