Embedding licenses

Once content has been encrypted and a license has been pre-generated, the license may be embedded into the encrypted content.

If you want to embed a license, you need to obtain an instance of com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.media.drm.contentupdate.MediaKeyMetaDataUpdater. If you know the type of the encrypted content, use the constructor for FLVKeyMetaDataUpdater or F4VKeyMetaDataUpdater; otherwise, use MediaProcessorFactory.getMediaProcessor() to return an instance based on the file type detected. Then you need to onstruct a KeyMetaDataCallback and invoke modifyKeyMetaData(). Your callback implementation is then invoked when the DRM metadata is located in the encrypted content. Based on the metadata found, you can choose a license to embed and set the license using EmbedLicenseKeyMetaData.setEmbeddedLicenses().

See com.adobe.flashaccess.samples.licenseembedder.EmbedLicense in the Reference Implementation Command Line Tools Samples directory for sample code that demonstrates embedded licenses.


An Adobe Primetime DRM 2.0 client ignores any licenses that are embedded in the content and then attempts to obtain a license from the license server that is specified in the metadata. However, if the metadata indicates that no license server is available, a Primetime DRM 2.0 client needs to be upgraded before you can view the content.

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