Handling FMRMS compatibility

There are two types of requests related to Flash Media Rights Management Server 1.x compatibility. One type of request is used to prompt 1.x clients to upgrade to a runtime that supports Adobe Primetime DRM 2.0 or later. Another is used to update 1.x metadata to the Primetime DRM format before a license can be requested. Support for these requests is only needed if you previously deployed any content that uses FMRMS 1.0 or 1.5.

Upgrading clients

If an FMRMS 1.x client contacts a Adobe Primetime DRM server, the server needs to prompt the client to upgrade.

  • The request handler class is com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.protocol.compatibility.FMRMSv1RequestHandler.

  • The request URL is “Base URL from 1.x content” + " /edcws/services/urn:EDCLicenseService"

    Unlike other Adobe Primetime request handlers, this handler does not provide access to any request information or require any response data to be set. Create an instance of the FMRMSv1RequestHandler, and then call close()

Upgrading metadata

If an Adobe Access client encounters content packaged with Flash Media Rights Management Server 1.x, it will extract the encryption metadata from the content and send it to the server. The server will convert the FMRMS 1.x metadata into the Adobe Access format and send it back to the client. The client then sends the updated metadata in a standard Adobe Access license request.

  • The request handler class is com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.protocol.compatibility.FMRMSv1MetadataHandler.
  • The request URL is “Base URL from 1.x content” +“/flashaccess/headerconversion/v1”.

The metadata conversion could be done on the fly when the server receives the old metadata from the client. Alternatively, the server could preprocess the old content and store the converted metadata; in this case, when the client requests new metadata, the server just needs to fetch the new metadata matching the license identifier of the old metadata.

To convert metadata, the server must perform the following steps:

  • Get LiveCycleKeyMetaData. To pre-convert the metadata, LiveCycleKeyMetaData can be obtained from a 1.x packaged file using MediaEncrypter.examineEncryptedContent(). The metadata is also included in the metadata conversion request ( FMRMSv1MetadataHandler.getOriginalMetadata()).
  • Get the license identifier from the old metadata, and find the encryption key and policies (this information was originally in the Adobe LiveCycle ES database. The LiveCycle ES policies must be converted to Adobe Access 2.0 policies.) The Reference Implementation includes scripts and sample code for converting the policies and exporting license information from LiveCycle ES.
  • Fill in the V2KeyParameters object (which you retrieve by calling MediaEncrypter.getKeyParameters()).
  • Load the SigningCredential, which is the packager credential issued by Adobe used to sign encryption metadata. Get the SignatureParameters object by calling MediaEncrypter.getSignatureParameters() and fill in the signing credential.
  • Call MetaDataConverter.convertMetadata() to obtain the V2ContentMetaData.
  • Call V2ContentMetaData.getBytes() and store for future use, or call FMRMSv1MetadataHandler.setUpdatedMetadata().

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