Updating policies

If policies are updated after the content is packaged, provide the updated policies to the license server so the updated version can be used when issuing a license. If your license server has access to a database for storing policies, you can retrieve the updated policy from the database and call LicenseRequestMessage.setSelectedPolicy() to provide the new version of the policy.

For license servers that do not rely on a central database, the SDK provides support for Policy Update Lists. A policy update list is a file containing a list of updated or revoked policies. When a policy is updated, generate a new Policy Update List and periodically push the list out to all the license servers. Pass the list to the SDK by setting HandlerConfiguration.setPolicyUpdateList(). If an update list is provided, the SDK consults this list when parsing the content metadata. ContentInfo.getUpdatedPolicies() contains the updated versions of policies specified in the metadata.

See Working With Policies and Policy update lists.

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