Using machine identifiers

Last update: 2023-10-02

All Adobe Access requests (with the exception of requests supporting FMRMS compatibility) contain information about the machine token issued to the client during individualization. The machine token contains a Machine Id, an identifier assigned during individualization. Use this identifier to count the number of machines from which a user has requested a license or joined a domain.

There are two ways of using the identifier. The getUniqueId() method returns a string assigned to the device during individualization. You can store the strings in a database and search by identifier. However, this identifier will change if the user reformats the hard drive and individualizes again. This identifier will also have a different value between Adobe® AIR® and Adobe® Flash® Player in different browsers on the same machine.

To more accurately count machines, you can use getBytes() to store the whole identifier. To determine if the machine has been seen before, get all the identifiers for a user name and call matches() to check if any match. Because the matches() method must be used to compare the values returned by MachineId.getBytes, this option is only practical when there are a small number of values to compare (for example, the machines associated with a particular user).

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