Handling authentication requests

The AuthenticationHandler class is used to process authentication requests. It is used only for username/password authentication.

When generating the authentication token, the token expiration date must be specified. Custom properties may also be included in the token. If set, those properties will be visible to the server when the authentication token is sent in subsequent requests. See Handling license requests for information on handling custom authentication tokens.

The handler reads an authentication request and parses the request message when parseRequest() is called. The server implementation examines the user credentials in the request, and if the credentials are valid, generates an AuthenticationToken object by calling getRequest().generateAuthToken(). If AuthenticationRequestMessage.generateAuthToken() is not called before close(), an authentication failure error code is sent.

  • The request handler class is com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.protocol.authentication.AuthenticationHandler
  • The request message class is com.adobe.flashaccess.sdk.protocol.authentication.AuthenticationRequestMessage
  • If both the client and server support protocol version 5, the request URL is "License Server URL in metadata: + “/flashaccess/authn/v4”. If protocol version 3 is the maximum supported by either the client or server, Adobe Access clients will send authentication requests to “License Server URL in metadata” + “/flashaccess/authn/v3”. Otherwise, authentication requests are sent to “License Server URL in metadata” + “/flashaccess/authn/v1”

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