Enhanced License Chaining

Last update: 2023-10-02

With enhanced license chaining in Adobe Access 3.0, it is recommended to issue both a Leaf and a Root the first time the user requests a license for a particular machine. If the user already has the Root license, the server may issue only a Leaf (call LicenseRequestMessage.clientHasEnhancedRootForPolicy() to determine if the client already has a 3.0 Enhanced Root). For subsequent license requests, the client will indicate that it already has a Leaf and a Root, so the server should issue a new Root license. When the enhanced license chaining is used, setRootKeyRetrievalInfo() must be called to provide the credentials needed to decrypt the root encryption key in the policy.


If the policy supports 3.0 Enhanced License Chaining, but the client is Adobe Access 2.0, the server will issue a 2.0 original chained license. To determine the client version, use LicenseRequestMessage.getClientVersion().

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