RBOP Overview

Resolution-based output protection (RBOP) is a mechanism that provides output protection based on the vertical pixel count of the content.

RBOP lets you specify different combinations of protection requirements, providing you flexibility in setting up your output controls.

To ease the process of specifying your output protection requirements, Adobe provides a JSON structure for output protection configuration. This document describes the JSON structure in detail, along with the grammar you use to specify output protection rules.

Sections in this guide:

  • RBOP Concepts provides a conceptual overview of the configuration, options, and meanings associated with output protection.
  • RBOP Client Support describes the features available with different versions of Flash Player and TVSDK.
  • Sample RBOP Configuration presents a sample configuration that illustrates the concepts and form of the configuration.
  • RBOP Grammar covers the grammar of the configuration input, emphasizing valid and invalid input options, and explaining how omitted optional fields are interpreted.

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