Command line usage

Last update: 2023-10-02

Revocation List Manager is in the \Reference Implementation\Command Line Tools directory on the DVD. To run the tool, use one of the following syntaxes:

    java -jar AdobeRevocationListManager.jar
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  crlNumber [
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       java -jar AdobeRevocationListManager.jar -d
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  • destfile indicates where the revocation list will be written.
  • crlNumber is a non-negative version number of the Certificate Revocation List (CRL). This number should be incremented each time the CRL is updated.

The following table contains descriptions of the command line options shown in the syntax above:

Command line option Description
-c configfile Specifies the location of the configuration file. If this option is not used, the Revocation List Manager will look for in the working directory.
-d filename

Displays information about the revocation list.

-e date

(Optional) The expiration date of the revocation list. Use the format yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-mm-dd-h24:min:sec (for example, 2009-01-31-14:30:00 represents January 31 at 2:30 PM).

-f filename[certfile] Adds all entries from the existing revocation list. Only one existing file may be specified.

If this existing list was signed with a different credential than the one being used to sign the new list, specify its certificate file next, so its signature can be verified.


Do not ask if the destination file should be overwritten. If the destination file already exists and -o is not set, an error will be returned.

-o If the destination file already exists, overwrite it without prompting.
-r issuerName serialNumber revocationDate

Revokes the certificate identified by issuerName and serialNumber on the given date. The issuerName must follow the 509 name format (for example, CN=12345,O=Adobe Systems Incorporated,C=US). Specify serial numbers in hexadecimal form. Specify the revocation date as yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-mm-dd-h24:min:sec, for example 2008-12-1 or 2008-12-1-00:00:00 for midnight on December 1, 2008. If the revocation date is not specified, the current date is used.

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