Deploying the license server and watched folder packager overview

Copy the license server WAR files to Tomcat’s webapps directory. If you have previously deployed the WAR file, you may need to manually delete the unpacked WAR directories ( flashaccess, edcws, and flashaccess-packager in Tomcat’s webapps directory). To prevent Tomcat from unpacking WAR files, edit the server.xml file in Tomcat’s conf directory and set the unpackWARs attribute to false.

The properties file ( must be on the classpath for the server to load the properties. Copy this file to a directory and update the file with the appropriate values. Edit the file in Tomcat’s conf directory and add the directory containing to the shared.loader property. The log4j.xml file for configuring logging must also be on the classpath (see resources\log4j.xml for an example).

The reference implementation server uses several certificate files, policy files, and other resources. Those files are all located in one resource folder. By default, the resource folder is C:\flashaccess-server-resources, but this location can be modified in Be sure to copy all the required resources to this location before starting the server.

To start Tomcat and the license server, run catalina.bat start from Tomcat’s bin directory.

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