Command line usage

To embed a license, use the following syntax:

    java -jar AdobeLicenseEmbedder.jar
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  sourcefile destfile [options]
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  • sourcefile is an encrypted FLV or F4V file.
  • destfile specifies where the encrypted content with the embedded license will be written. If a directory is specified, the file will be saved in this directory using the same filename as the source file, but the directory must not be the directory which contains the source file.

The following table describes the command line options that can be specified along with the syntax previously mentioned:

Command Line Option


-l license-filename Name of the file containing license to embed. Multiple -l options may be specified to embed multiple licenses.
-m metadata-filename Specify the content metadata for which to generate a license. (Required to generate license)
-noprompt Do not ask if the destination file should be overwritten. If the destination file already exists and -o is not set, an error will be returned.
-o If the destination file already exists, overwrite it without prompting.

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