Policy update list

Last update: 2023-10-02

You can use Policy Update Lists to communicate policy changes to a License Server. If a policy is modified after it is used to package content, it is desirable to have the License Server aware of the most recent version of the policy, so that version can be used to issue a license.

To create a Policy Update List for the first time, click Add policies to view all available policies on the server. For any policies that have been updated since they were used to package content, select the update radio button.

If you no longer want to use a policy to issue any licenses and the policy was already used to package content, you may wish to revoke the policy. To do so, select the revoke radio button. When the desired policies have been selected, choose Create Policy Update List. A file called PolicyUpdateList.dat will be saved in the Resources Directory.

To modify an existing Policy Update List, click Add policies to view all available policies on the server. Choose the additional policies to add or revoke. Existing entries in the Policy Update List can be changed in the upper section of the screen. Policies that are marked updated may be changed to revoked, but once a policy is revoked, it cannot be changed back to updated.

When the desired changes have been made, choose Create Policy Update List, and the PolicyUpdateList.dat file is regenerated. If a policy is already in the policy update list and was updated since the last time the list was generated, the most recent version of the policy will be used when the Policy Update List is generated again.

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