Package your content with Adobe Offline Packager

Last update: 2023-10-02

Adobe Offline Packager takes as input unencrypted mp4 content.

Calling Adobe Offline Packager

A typical adobe offline packager invocation would look like the call below:

  java -jar OfflinePackager.jar -conf_path Content_PR_WV.xml -in_path "Jaigo.mp4"
  -out_path "Jaigo_DASH"
  -key_file_path "Jaigo_DASH/_info/key.B64.random"
  -widevine_key_id c595f214d84dc7ecf31a8ebf1b7ddda5
  -widevine_provider intertrust
  -playready_keyid c595f214d84dc7ecf31a8ebf1b7ddda5
  -content_id c595f214d84dc7ecf31a8ebf1b7ddda5

In this particular case the offline packager is adding both Widevine content protection and PlayReady content protection initialization data to the output DASH content. The value of -key_file_path is for a base64-encoded key. The value of -playready_LA_URL is for PlayReady license acqusition.

The conf_path argument points to configuration file that would contain the following:


Because certain Android devices — primarily Amazon Fire TV — do not support audio decryption, audio encryption is optional.

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