Key request workflow on HTML5 TVSDK

Code can request a key through DRMManager.

The Browser TVSDK also exposes a setProtectionData API through the DRMManager object:

[  /** 
   * This will only work for MSE. 
   * <p> Attach key system specific data to use for DRM 
license acquisition. </p> 
   * @param {Object} protectionData - an object containing property names corresponding to key system name strings 
   * (e.g. "org.w3.clearkey") and associated values being instances of 
   * @returns {AdobePSDK.PSDKErrorCode} kECSuccess or one of the error codes. 
   * @function 
   * @memberof AdobePSDK.DRMManager# 
   setProtectionData: function(protectionData) 

Your code would need to call this API before starting content playback the normal way. is documented here:

Here is sample protection data object with license server URLs for both PlayReady and Widevine.

var protectionData = { 
   "com.widevine.alpha": { 
                          "serverURL": " 
   "": { 
                               "serverURL": " 

TVSDK does not provide any API to force a particular DRM system because each browser supports one DRM system only.

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