Software Requirements

Last update: 2023-10-02
  • Tomcat 6
  • JDK 1.8

Code Delivery / Package Contents

The Adobe Primetime DRM On Premises Individualization Server package contains the following:

  • flashaccess.war - The Individualization Server

  • flashaccess-kgs.war - The optional Key Generation Server

  • /shared - Contains:

    • adobe-flashaccess-certs.jar
    • - Sample properties file
  • thirdparty/ - Includes Crypto-J support as native libraries:

    • (Linux)
    • jsafe.dll (Windows)
  • adobe-flashaccess-i15n-setup.jar - A utility for encrypting server credential passwords

  • ROOT - contains a crossdomain.xml file

  • ECI cache files - Pre-downloaded

  • - A script for updating a License Server’s root of trust to support On Premises individualizations

  • CreateMetadata.jar - A utility for creating On Premises DRM Metadata

  • client_sample/ - A folder with a client code snippet

  • Release Notes - For any last minute additions to the documentation

Obtain Individualization Server Certificates

To use the On Premises Individualization Server, you must first obtain two digital credentials (certificates):

  • Individualization Transport Credential - issued by Adobe
  • Individualization CA Credential - issued by Symantec (VeriSign)

To obtain these certificates, submit a request via Zendesk ticket to:

Please note that these credentials are in addition to the credentials required for operating a Primetime DRM License Server.

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