Configure the Path and Classpath

Last update: 2023-10-02

The flashaccess.war contains jsafeWithNative.jar, which is the Crypto-J library. The latter requires an additional native library to perform crypto operations.

  1. Add the native jsafe library to your path.

    • Linux / - The directory containing must be on the Path (native Crypto-J libraries are also available for other platforms). For example, set on LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

    • Windows / jsafe.dll - The counterpart on Windows to is the appropriate jsafe.dll.

    These libraries are available to you in the thirdparty library folder.

  2. Put one of the adobe-flashaccess-certs jar files on the classpath.

    This JAR file is not included in the WAR file; you must add it explicitly to the classpath.
    • Development servers - Should only use adobe-flashaccess-certs-prerelease.jar.
    • Production servers - Should only use adobe-flashaccess- certs.jar

The distribution includes a shared folder that includes both the jar file as well as a pre-configured file. Adobe recommends that you add these items to the common.loader via the file. For example:

common.loader=<Any Pre-Existing Values>,${catalina.home}/shared/classes,${catalina.home}/shared/lib/*.jar

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