Using External CEK to Vend and Package Licenses

Use the External CEK feature to vend and package licenses using your existing CKMS.

This is a command line tool that will AAXS-encrypt a video and create metadata that will not contain the CEK (protected with an AAXS license server’s public cert). Instead, the tool embeds a CEK ID into the video’s metadata.

During license acquisition, the AAXS license server observes a flag in the metadata identifying that this content was protected using an External CEK. The license server will extract the CEK ID from the metadata and then query a secure repository/CKMS to retrieve the appropriate CEK.

Packaging Workflow

  1. Ensure you are using Java 1.6.0_24 or later.

  2. To see the tool usage: java -jar AdobePackager_ExternalCEK.jar

  3. To package content:

    java -jar AdobePackager_ExternalCEK.jar sample.flv encrypted.flv abc abcdef0123456789
        policy.pol https://path-to-your-server:8090 <license-server-public-cert.pem>
        <license-server-private-key.pfx> <private-key-password>
  • The Java source code can be built using the included ANT build-samples.xml
  • The Flash Access SDK ( adobe-flashaccess-sdk.jar) must be on the classpath

Server Workflow

  1. Set up the Reference Implementation.

  2. If any exist, clean up previous Reference Implementation deployments:

    1. delete <tomcat>\work\Catalina\*.*
    2. delete <tomcat>\conf\Catalina\*.*
    3. delete <tomcat>\logs\*.*
  3. Verify that there is a file alongside your

  4. Initiate a license request from an Adobe Primetime Player

  5. Observe Ref Impl logs for something similar to:

    DEBUG [com.adobe.flashaccess.refimpl.web.RefImplLicenseReqHandler.REQUESTS]
      Used CEK ID:{abc} to retrieve CEK: {abcdef0123456789} from depot
    1. You may have to change your log4j.xml settings to log at a DEBUG level ( INFO is set by default)

Known Issues


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