Migrate from FMRMS 1.0 or 1.5 to Adobe Primetime DRM 2.0 or later

To continue issuing licenses for content that has been packaged with Flash Media Rights Management Server (FMRMS) 1.0 or 1.5, you must migrate license and DRM policy data from the LiveCycle ES server to the customer’s new server that is based on the Adobe Primetime DRM SDK.

To migrate, complete the following tasks:

  1. Import license information:

    1. To import license information from LiveCycle ES to your Primetime DRM -based server, see the sample database scripts in the Reference Implementation\Server\migration\db folder.

    2. Run the sample scripts to export relevant data from a MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server database to a CSV file format.

    3. After you export the data from LiveCycle ES, import the data to your database.

      The exported license information includes the following:

      • A license ID
      • A Content ID that is assigned at packaging time
      • The ID of the DRM policy that is being applied
      • The time the content was packaged
      • The content encryption key

      This information is required before you can convert the 1.x content metadata to the Primetime DRM metadata format. In the reference implementation, this data is stored in the License database table and is used by RefImplMetadataConvReqHandler. For more information, see FMRMSv1RequestHandler and FMRMSv1MetadataHandler.

  2. Convert FMRMS policies to the Primetime DRM format:

    1. Before you can apply the DRM policies to convert metadata and issue licenses for version 1.0 or version 1.5 content, convert existing DRM policies to the Primetime DRM format.

      The Reference Implementation\Server\migration folder includes sample code to create a Primetime DRM policy that is based on older DRM policies. To migrate from FMRMS 1.0 to Primetime DRM , see the V1_0PolicyConverter.java sample.

    2. Compile the sample code by running ant-f build-migration.xml build-1.0-converter script, which searches for the 1.0 and Primetime DRM libraries in the libs/1.0 and libs/flashaccess directories.

    3. Edit the converter.properties file to point to your LiveCycle ES server.

    4. Run ant -f build-migration.xml migrate-all-1.0-policies to convert all FMRMS 1.0 DRM policies to Primetime DRM format.

      To migrate from FMRMS 1.5 to Primetime DRM , see the V1_5PolicyConverter.java sample.

    5. Compile the sample code by running ant-f build-migration.xml build-1.5-converter script, which expects the 1.5 and 3.0 libraries to be in the libs/1.5 and libs/flashaccess directories.

    6. Edit the converter.properties file to point to your LiveCycle ES server.

    7. Run ant -f build-migration.xml migrate-all-1.5-policies to convert all FMRMS 1.5 DRM policies to Primetime DRM format.

      The converted DRM policies are saved as a set of files. The DRM PolicyConverter generates a CSV-formatted file that includes the mapping of the old DRM policy IDs to the new DRM policy IDs. You can import this file to the PolicyConversion table in the reference implementation database, where it is used by RefImplMetadataConvReqHandler.

  3. Support the 1.x compatibility requests with the FMRMSv1RequestHandler and FMRMSv1MetadataHandler properties:

    1. After the relevant data has been migrated to an Primetime DRM-based server, implement support for 1.x compatibility requests.

      For examples about how to process these types of requests, see RefImplUpgradeV1ClientHandler and RefImplMetadataConvReqHandler in the reference implementation.

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