Set up and deploy the server for Protected Streaming

  1. Set up the configuration folder on the Primetime DRM DVD:

    \Adobe Access Server for Protected Streaming\configs\

  2. Copy the sample configs folder to your <Tomcat_installation_dir> and rename the copied folder to licenseserver.

    The path to the configs folder should now be <Tomcat_install_dir>\licenseserver\.

  3. Run Scrambler.bat to obtain the encrypted passwords for the transport and license server PFX files in the Primetime DRM <DVD> \Adobe Access Server for Protected Streaming\ directory:

    • Scrambler.bat <Adobe-provided transport credential password>
    • Scrambler.bat <Adobe-provided license server credential password>
  4. Copy the PFX files to the <TomcatInstallDir>\licenseserver\flashaccessserver\tenants\<tenant-name>\ directory.

  5. Edit the corresponding tenant configuration in <TomcatInstallDir>\licenseserver\flashaccessserver\tenants\sampletenant\flashaccess-tenant.xml, with the following settings:

  6. Run the Validator.bat utility to verify configuration is valid:

    Validator.bat -g -r <absolute-path-to TomcatInstallDir\licenseserver>
  7. Copy the flashaccessserver.war file from the CD to the <TomcatInstallDir>\webapps\ directory.

  8. If Tomcat is running, stop the running Tomcat instance by pressing <CTRL-C> in the command window (if it was launched from the command window). You can also stop the server from the Windows Services application if Tomcat was installed as a Windows Service.

  9. To start Tomcat, enter the following command:

    <TomcatInstallDir>\bin\catalina run
  10. To verify the set up, enter the following URL in a browser:


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