Package encrypted content

Last update: 2023-10-02
  1. Copy the <Primetime DRM DVD>\Reference Implementation\Command Line Tools\ directory to your local filesystem.

  2. In your local Command Line Tools\ folder, update the file to work with your server.

    You must modify at least the following properties:

    • encrypt.keys.asymmetric.certfile=[license-server-certificate.cer]: The path to your License Server Certificate (it usually ends with .cer, .der or .pem).

    • encrypt.license.serverurl=[license-server-url]: Your license server URL, e.g.: https://<License Server Hostname>:8080/flashaccessserver/sampletenant.

    • encrypt.license.servercert=[transport-certificate.cer]: The path to your Transport certificate (it usually ends with .cer, .der, or .pem).

    • encrypt.sign.certfile=[packager-credentials.pfx]: The path to your Packager certificate (this ends with .pfx).

    • encrypt.sign.certpass=[password]: The password for your Packager certificate.


    Ensure that you do not scramble the password.

  3. Create a policy.

    In your local Command Line Tools\ folder, run the following command:

    java -jar libs/AdobePolicyManager.jar new examplepolicy.pol -n examplepolicy -x

    This command creates a policy file named examplepolicy.pol that uses anonymous license server authentication (the -x option).

  4. Copy the MP4, FLV, or F4V video file that you want to encrypt into your local Command Line Tools\ folder.

  5. Package your content.

    Let’s say that your source video file is sample.mp4. In your local Command Line Tools\ folder, run the following command:

    java -jar libs/AdobePackager.jar sample.mp4 sample_encrypted.mp4 -p examplepolicy.pol

    If you want to package HLS, HDS or DASH contents, you must use a different packager tool, such as Adobe Primetime Offline Packager.

  6. Copy the encrypted file artifacts (in this case sample_encrypted.mp4 and sample_encrypted.mp4.metadata) to <Your Content Server - Tomcat Install Dir>\webapps\ROOT.

At this point you have completed the packaging phase of the process.


For more detailed information on command-line tools for packaging content, creating policies, and more, see Adobe Primetime DRM Command-line tools.

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