Update existing DRM content to use Cloud DRM (Optional)

If you have an existing library of content protected by Primetime DRM, it is possible to “re-header” the existing content to use the Primetime Cloud DRM service, instead of having to re-package/encrypt the original source files. Re-headering the content simply updates the DRM Metadata of the content in the HLS manifest. It does not perform any unencryption/re-encryption of the original asset. This may be a useful option if the original source content is not available, or if there is concern over the amount of resources required to re-package a large library.

It is possible to use the Primetime DRM Java SDK to update the metadata programmatically. In addition, the OfflinePackager.jar command-line tool included with this Protection Kit can also accomplish this task using the -drm_refresh option.

Re-Header Details

Re-headering must update the following fields to use CloudDRM:

  • License Server URL (To https://access.adobeprimetime.com/flashaccessserver/axs_prod)
  • License Server Certificate (To the CloudDRM license server certificate)
  • Transport Certificate (To the CloudDRM transport certificate)
  • Packager Credential (To the packager credential you have activated for use with CloudDRM)

Finding the DRM Metadata

Content that uses HTTP technology (such as HDS or HLS) utilizes a manifest that references the Adobe Access DRM metadata. In HDS, the metadata is referenced by the <drmmeta> tag, and in HLS, it is referenced by the #EXT-X-FAXS-CM tag. In either scenario, the metadata can be contained inline in the manifest as a base-64 encoded blob, or referenced externally as a binary file. If the metadata is embedded/inline in the manifest, you may have to first base64-decode the metadata into binary data before using that data to instantiate DRM metadata.

Using the included OfflinePacakger.jar

Supply the -drm_refresh option to the command line. A new manifest file will be created with updated DRM Metadata, while the content will not be re-encrypted.

Using the Primetime DRM Java SDK to Re-header

Updating an existing DRM Metadata can be accomplished by using the Primetime DRM (formerly known as Adobe Access DRM) Java SDK for a programmatic approach. For more details, please refer to the RegenerateMetadata.java code sample in the /Reference Implmentation/Command Line Tools/samples/ package of the SDK. The Adobe Access Java SDK is not a part of this CloudDRM Protection Kit, and must be acquired directly from Adobe. Please contact your Adobe business contact for further details.

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