Use the included Primetime Offline Packager

Your Primetime Java Packager comes pre-configured with most of the settings you need to package content. There are only a few areas to update in order to get started.

Update packager properties

Context for the current task

  • Update the following packager properties prior to using the configuration file to package your content:

User-Supplied XML Configuration File Properties

Property Name Description
policy_file policy file path. Adobe shall provide several pre-configured policies to choose from.
pkgr_pfx Packager credentials path. You must supply your own Adobe-issued packager credential ( .pfx) here.
pkgr_pfx_pwd Packager credentials password. You must supply the password to your Adobe-issued packager credential here.

Package using command line

Before packaging content, make sure you’ve had all required information provided in the configuration file.

  • To package content with your configuration file, use the following syntax on the command line:
java -jar OfflinePackager.jar -conf_path [configuration filename]

Sample configuration files to package your content to HLS or HDS format are provided, named config_hds.xml and config.hls.xml.

The HDS or HLS content will be output to the /output folder under the Protection Kit directory. All artifacts written to this directory must be hosted on an HTTP web server in order to be played.

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