BEES Error codes

If there is an error during a BEES check, a DRMErrorEvent will be returned to the client. You can parse this event’s properties to find details on the nature of the failure. A subset of possible error codes are listed below.

Error Description
3304:305 Generic Authorization error from Primetime Cloud DRM attempting to handle an authentication / authorization request. Typically not associated with a BEES issue. If this error is consistently encountered, you should submit a trouble ticket to the Primetime Cloud DRM team along with diagnostic information.
3329:0 Application Specific Error (from the BEES Authorizer). If no sub-error code was returned, the error text will display details of the issue. For instance, there was an issue parsing the response, or the BEES server was unreachable.
3329:<HTTP error code> An HTTP response other than 200 was issued by the BEES server. The HTTP error code is returned to the client in the suberror code field. This could indicate a configuration problem, or a BEES server outage.
3329:<x> BEES server DISALLOWED the license request. The sub-error code and error text are specified by the BEES server within the JSON response’s error and errorText properties. This kind of response should not be considered an error, but rather a regular denial response from your BEES server.

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