Create custom DRM policies (Optional)

Last update: 2023-10-02

The Primetime Cloud DRM Protection Kit comes with a few pre-configured policies that can be used during packaging. If additional policy configurations are desired, for example, a specific SWF-allow listing right, the included Primetime DRM Policy Manager can be used to generate custom policies.


All policies must use ANONYMOUS authentication (not Username Password or Custom) - regardless of whether or not the Custom Auth/Entitlement workflow is used.

Included with the Policy Manager is the configuration file, which has been modified to expose only the configurable policy options that Primetime Cloud DRM Service supports. Setting policy options that are not supported by the Primetime Cloud DRM Service will result in license acquisition errors. For information on using the Primetime DRM Policy Manager, refer to: Primetime DRM Reference Implementations: Policy Manager.

To create a new policy, update the file as desired, and then use the command:

java -jar libs/AdobePolicyManager.jar new myPolicy.pol

Create policies dynamically for Custom Auth/Entitlement

If you are using Primetime Cloud DRM Custom Authentication/Entitlement and want to dynamically create a new DRM policy for each license request (instead of pulling policies from a pre-generated pool), Adobe recommends that you use the Primetime DRM Java SDK directly. Using the Java SDK directly is faster than the AdobePolicyManager.jar tool, which automatically outputs the policy file to disk, incurring disk I/O overhead.

Sample code using the Java SDK can be found in the /Primetime DRM PolicyManager/sampleCode/ directory, named and Javadocs and documentation for the Java SDK can be found at An Overview of Adobe Primetime DRM SDK

To build and run the samples, please copy the .java files into the …/libs/ folder and run:

javac -cp adobe-flashaccess-sdk.jar:.
java -cp adobe-flashaccess-sdk.jar:. CreatePolicy

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