Java system properties

The following two Java System properties may optionally be set to modify the location of configuration and log files for the license server:

  • LicenseServer.ConfigRoot — Directory containing all the configuration files for the license server. For details on the contents of these files, see “License server configuration files”. If not set, the default is CATALINA_BASE/licenseserver.
  • LicenseServer.LogRoot — Directory of the “logs” folder, where license server application logs are written. If not set, the default is LicenseServer.ConfigRoot.

If you are using catalina.bat or to start Tomcat, these System properties can easily be set using the JAVA_OPTS environment variable. Any Java options set here will be used when Tomcat is started. For example, set:

JAVA_OPTS=-DLicenseServer.ConfigRoot="absolute-path-to-config-folder" -DLicenseServer.LogRoot="absolute-path-to-log-folder"

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