Deploying the Adobe Access Server for Protected Streaming overview

Last update: 2023-10-02

Before deploying the Adobe Access Server for Protected Streaming, make sure you have installed the versions of Java and Tomcat listed in the Requirements section.

The Adobe Access Server for Protected Streaming package includes flashaccesserver.war. To deploy this WAR file, copy it to Tomcat’s webapps directory. If you have previously deployed the WAR file, you may need to manually delete the unpacked WAR directory ( flashaccessserver in Tomcat’s webapps directory). To prevent Tomcat from unpacking WAR files, edit the server.xml file in Tomcat’s conf directory and set the unpackWARs attribute to false.


If you have configured Tomcat to include commons-logging.jar on the System classpath (not required for the Adobe Access Server for Protected Streaming), commons-logging must be configured to use Log4J.

The server optionally uses a platform-specific library ( jsafe.dll on Microsoft Windows or on Linux) for optimal performance. Copy the appropriate library for your platform from thirdparty/cryptoj/platform to a location specified by the PATH environment variable (or LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux).


The 64-bit version should only be used if both the operating system and JDK support 64-bit, otherwise use the 32-bit version.

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