Summary and benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Adobe Experience Platform Intelligent Services.
In this module, you’ve learned how to setup, configure and use Adobe Experience Platform Intelligent Services.


Let’s highlight the benefits of using Adobe Experience Platform Intelligent Services:

Intelligent Services empower marketing analysts and practitioners to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in customer experience use cases. This allows for marketing analysts to set up predictions specific to a company’s needs using business-level configurations without the need for data science expertise. Additionally, marketing practitioners can activate predictions in Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Experience Platform, and 3rd party applications.

Intelligent Services, built on Adobe Experience Platform, gives marketers responsible for customer experience access to AI-as-a-service, making it easy for anyone to predict customer behavior, measure the impact of a campaign, or ensure better return on every investment. Listed below are some of the benefits that Intelligent Services provides.

  • Cost efficient speed to market

Adobe has AI/ML expertise combined with deep CXM experience, and Intelligent Services have been designed specifically for marketers to get AI/ML off the ground immediately for common marketing use cases without the need to hire scarce and expensive data scientists, accelerating speed to market and actionability.

  • Higher accuracy in predictive insights

Developed with the highest level of accuracy resultant through the adoption of advanced algorithmic AI/ML models; the ability to run AI/ML on a common dataset with the depth and granularity to enable slicing and dicing of predictions; and intelligence to provide the what and why behind predictive customer insights.

  • Fast time to insights and ROI

Empower marketers to get started with AI/ML right away and start improving marketing ROI with new self-service workflows, custom configurations, and flexible options to operationalize predictive insights.

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