5.2 Customer AI - Create a New Instance (Configure)

Customer AI works by analyzing existing Consumer Experience Event data to predict churn or conversion propensity scores. Creating a new Customer AI instance allows marketeers to define goals and measures.

5.2.1 Setup a new Customer AI instance

In Adobe Experience Platform, click Services in the left menu. The Services browser appears and displays all available services at your disposal. In the card for Customer AI, click Open.

Service navigation

Click Create instance.

Create new instance

You’ll then see this.

Create new instance

Enter the required details for the Customer AI instance:

  • Name: use --demoProfileLdap-- Product Purchase Propensity
  • Description: use: Predict the likelihood for customers to purchase a product
  • Propensity type: select Conversion

Setup page 1

Click Next.

Setup page 1

You’ll then see this. Select the dataset you created in the previous exercise which is named --demoProfileLdap - Demo System - Customer Experience Event Dataset. Click Next.

Setup page 1

Select Will occur and define the field commerce.purchases.value as the target variable.

Defining CAI Goal

Click Next.

Setup page 1

Next, set your schedule to run Weekly and set the time as close as possible to your current time. Ensure that the toggle Enable scores for Profile is enabled.

Define CAI advance

Click Finish.

Setup page 1

You’ll then see this popup. Click OK.

Setup page 1

After you configure the instance, you can see it in the Customer AI instance list and also preview the summary of the setup and execution details by clicking on the Customer AI instance row. The summary panel will also display error details in case errors have been found.

Instance setup summary


You can modify any definition or attribute as long as your Customer AI instance’s status is either Awaiting training or Error

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