Summary & benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Adobe Experience Platform!
In this module, you’ve learned how to ingest enterprise data into Adobe Experience Platform by making use of an ETL application like Informatica.


Let’s highlight the benefits of integrating Informatica with Adobe Experience Platform :

  • Data integration at scale in an enterprise ecosystem requires robust integrations into an already existing ecosystem. Brands who’ve adopted a middleware/ETL approach already have several datas sources defined in that middleware/ETL environment. Thanks to out-of-the-box integration such as the Informatica/Adobe Experience Platform integration, brands can easily add an additional consumer of those already existing data sources in the middleware/ETL layer.
  • Thanks to the out-of-the-box integration between Informatica and Adobe Experience Platform, existing enterprise data can easily be mapped and converted to an XDM schema in Adobe Experience Platform. The data engineering team doesn’t even require access to Adobe Experience Platform as every aspect of the integration can be managed and maintained directly from within Informatica. Similar integrations exist with Unifi, TMMData and Snaplogic.

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