4.1 Set up an Alexa Developer Account


The objective of this module is to demonstrate how to use an internet of things device (like an Alexa device) with the Adobe Experience Platform. To that end, this module guides you through the steps to create an Amazon Alexa skill and use it as part of your demo. The ultimate result will be that relevant voice interactions with an Alexa device simulator or real Alexa device will be sent to Adobe Experience Platform and become part of the overall experience event data in Platform.

In order to demonstrate how to use such an Alexa skill, you will have to setup your skill within an Amazon developer account. With an Amazon developer account you can build your skill and, even more important, simulate your skill, which is especially relevant in case you do not own an Alexa device like an Echo Spot or Echo Show. If you do have an Alexa device with a display, it is even more fun!

You also have to sign up for an AWS account, as the skill we will use requires serverless functions deployed in a AWS Lambda environment.

4.1.1 Set up Amazon developer account

Go to https://developer.amazon.com.

Amazon Sign In

Click on Sign In at the top right. If you already do have an Amazon developer account, skip to exercise 4.1.2.

Click Create your Amazon Developer account to create a new Amazon developer account.

Create Developer Account

In the Create Account screen, provide your Name, Email and choose a Password. Then click Create your Amazon Developer Account.


Don’t use a corporate email address like @adobe.com. Use your personal email address instead as this is an account for training purpose.

Create Account

Some additional verification might be required.

You will receive a verification code on the provided email address. Use that on the Verify email address screen and click on Verify.

Verify email address

Provide all required details on the Profile tab the Registration screen, then click on Save and Continue.

Read all details on the Amazon Delivery Services Agreement tab and then click Submit.

Registration Details

Your account is now created and you’ll see the Amazon Developer Portal.

Alexa Developer Dashboard

4.1.2 Setup an Amazon Web Services account

In a new browser window or tab, go to https://aws.amazon.com/lambda/. If you already do have an account, skip to step 10.

Click Create an AWS Account orange button on the top right.

AWS main screen


Depending on your location/geo you may see a different experience.

In the Create an AWS account screen, define Email address, Password and an AWS account name. Then click on Continue.

Create AWS Account

In the Contact Information screen:

  • Select Personal for the Account Type.
  • Provide required details in the Contact Information screen, and click Continue.

Contact Information

Provide your credit card details in the Payment Information screen and click on Verify and Continue.


You won’t be charged unless you exceed the AWS Free Tier Limits, which is extremely unlikely using your Alexa skill for demonstration purposes. However you have to provide payment details to continue.

Payment Information

Provide details on how to confirm your identity, by selecting Text Message (SMS) in the Confirm your identity screen, and click on Send SMS.

Confirm Your Identity

Use the verification code you will receive as an SMS in the Enter verification code dialog and click Verify Code.

Next, click on Continue.

AWS Verification Code

In the Select a Support Plan, select Basic support - free. Click Complete sign up.

AWS Support Plan

Your AWS account is now created. Click Go to the AWS Management Console.

AWS Welcome Screen

In the Sign in screen, select Root User and provide your email address to login. Click Next.

AWS Sign In

Complete the security check and click Submit.

AWS Sign In Password

Provide your Password and click on Sign in.

AWS Sign In Password

You will end up in the AWS Management Console.

AWS Management Console

Leave the browser tab open, as you’ll need it later in the module.

You have finished this exercise.

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