Summary and benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about automated & live chat with Stackchat and Adobe Experience Platform!

In this module, you’ve learned how to easily build a chat bot with Stackchat, deploy it within social channels, such as Facebook and WeChat, capture profile attributes and behavioral events and, in turn, personalize the customer’s experience as an outcome.


Let’s highlight the benefits of using Adobe Experience Platform and Stackchat to build conversational experiences :

  • Accelerate your identity / eCRM strategies to help grow known profiles across all channels and devices for increased brand loyalty and addressable audiences.
  • Extend conversations into social channels such as Facebook & WeChat and stitch them to inbound channels, such as onsite chat bot and call center interactions, for consistent, meaningful and informed conversations to drive next best conversation and improve net promotor scores.
  • Reduce costs. ~70% of customer queries can be automated allowing support staff, in assisted channels, to spend less time responding to low-value, repetitive queries and more time with high-value customers with unique needs. This reduces operating costs and increases job satisfaction.
  • Voice of the customer: Enhance and evolve from feedback forms ignored by users and improve user experience by introducing chat automation & live chat to offer tangible value to customers, while capturing invaluable 1st party data that feeds into existing voice of the customer & marketing efforts, along with BI tools to inform crucial business decisions. This increases engagement & adds enriched data captured for further ROI.
  • Native integrations between Stackchat, Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Analytics means you can extract business insights and real-time customer profiles from customer conversations. Additional benefits include easily extending Stackchat functionality to:
    • A/B test chat experiences with Adobe Target,
    • Sending transactional emails during conversations with Adobe Campaign and
    • Synchronizing content and assets from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) directly into chat.

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