Summary & benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about the integration between ServiceNow and Adobe Experience Platform!
In this module, you learnt how to connect a ServiceNow instance to Adobe Experience Platform.


Let’s highlight the benefits of integrating Adobe Experience Platform with ServiceNow:

  • You can now connect service to marketing and sales. Service related interactions are no longer a separate island in your organization and have now become an integral part of the holistic customer experience.
  • Adobe Experience Platform and ServiceNow are both open, API-first platforms that can integrate into any ecosystem.
  • By integrating ServiceNow and Adobe Experience Platform, historical data and real-time interactions are combined and lead to predictive insights that impact the full customer journey across all touch-points
  • All customer interactions and predictive insights are now part of one single brain for communication and orchestration, and can be used for personalizing the customer journey by any application across online and offline channels

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