1.7 XDM Schema requirements in Adobe Experience Platform

To ensure Web SDK and alloy.js are able to ingest data into Adobe Experience Platform, there is a requirement for a specific XDM Mixin to be part of the XDM Schema in Adobe Experience Platform.

Go to https://experience.adobe.com/platform and log in.

AEP Debugger

After logging in, select the appropriate sandbox by clicking the text Production Prod in the blue line on top of your screen. Select the sandbox --aepSandboxId--.

After selecting your sandbox, you’ll see the screen change and now you’re in your sandbox.

AEP Debugger

In the left menu, go to Schemas and open the Demo System - Event Schema for Website (Global v1.1) Schema.

AEP Debugger

On that Schema, you’ll see that the field group AEP Web SDK ExperienceEvent Mixin has been added. This field group adds all the minimally required fields to the Schema. Every Experience Event Schema in Adobe Experience Platform that will be used by Web SDK will always require that field group to be part of the Schema.

AEP Debugger

In Module 2 you’ll learn how to add field groups to schemas.

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