1.6 Implement Adobe Target

1.6. Update your Datastream to use Adobe Target

In case you want to send data collected by Web SDK to Adobe Target and get a response from Adobe Target with a personalized experience for every customer, follow these steps.

Go to https://experience.adobe.com/launch/ and go to Datastreams. Open your specific Datastream.

Click to open your Datastream’s Development Environment.

AEP Debugger

You’ll then see this. To enable Adobe Target, click the toggle for Adobe Target.

AEP Debugger

You now need to enter your Adobe Target client code. Your Adobe Target client code is: --atClientCode--.

You can find your Adobe Target client code yourself by going to Adobe Target, to Administration and then to Implementation, where you’ll find this:

AEP Debugger

Copy the value for Client Code and paste it in your Edge Configuration. Don’t forget to click Save to save your changes.

AEP Debugger

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