Create offer activities

Offer activities are containers for your offers that will leverage the Offer Decision Engine in order to pick the best offer to deliver, depending on the target of the delivery.

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The list of offer activities is accessible in the Activities menu. Filters are available to help you retrieve activities according to their status or start and end dates.

To create an offer activity, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the components below have been created in the Offer Library:

  2. Select the Activities menu, then click Create activity.

  3. Specify the activity’s name as well as its start and end date and time, then click Next.

  4. Drag and drop a placement from the list to add it to the activity, then click Add collection.

  5. Select the collection that contains the offers to consider, then click Add.

  6. The selected offers are added to the placement. Click Next to confirm.

    In this example, we selected two offers that will display into a JSON-type placement aimed at presenting offers into a call center solution.

  7. Select the fallback offer that will be presented as a last resort to the customers that do not match the offers eligibility rules and constraints, then click Next.

  8. If everything is configured properly and your activity is ready to be used to present offers to customers, click Finish, then select Save and activate.

    You can also save the activity as draft, in order to edit and activate it later on.

  9. The activity displays in the list with the Live or Draft status, depending on wether you activated it or not in the previous step.

    It is now ready to be used to deliver offers to customers. You can select it to display its properties and edit or suppress it.


Once an offer activity has been created, you can click its name in the list to access detailed information, and vizualise all the changes that have been made to it using the Change log tab (see Offers and offer activities changes log).

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