Create ranking formulas

About ranking formulas

Ranking formulas allow you to define rules that will determine which offer should be presented first for a given placement, rather than taking into account the offers’ priority scores.

Ranking formulas are expressed in PQL syntax and can leverage profile attributes, context data and offer attributes. For more on how to use the PQL syntax, refer to the dedicated documentation.

Once a ranking formula has been created, you can assign it to a placement in a decision (previously known as offer activity). For more on this, see Configure offers selection in decisions.

Create a ranking formula

To create a ranking formula, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Components menu, then select the Rankings tab.

  2. Click Create formula to create a new ranking formula.

  3. Specify the ranking formula name, description, and formula.

    In this example, we want to boost the priority of all offers with the “hot” attribute if the actual weather is hot. To do this, the was passed in the decisioning call.

  4. Click Save. Your ranking formula is created, you can select it from the list to get details and edit or delete it.

    It is now ready to be used in a decision to rank eligible offers for a placement (see Configure offers selection in decisions).

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