Release notes

Release notes and known issues for Windows 8.1 Universal App Store SDK 4.x for Experience Cloud Solutions.

Current Release Notes

In addition to significant performance increases, version 4 adds the following new features:

Feature Description
Geo-location - Points of Interest Points of interest let you set up a lat/long central point and determine a radius. The library then determines if the location provided for that call falls within any of your points of interest. For more information, see Geo-location & Points of Interest in Analytics.
Lifetime Value Lifetime value is a way to measure your users’ contributions and usage in your app. Each time you send in a value it will add to that user’s existing value. For more information, see Lifetime Value in Analytics.
Timed Action Timed Actions are an easy way for you see how long it takes your users to complete a process end-to-end within your app. Timed actions let you calculate the amount of time in session and the total time (cross-session) it takes for the action to be completed. For more information, see Timed Actions in Analytics.
Opt-in/Opt-out Quickly enable and disable analytics.

For more information about the release notes for all solutions, see Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes.

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