Add series (metrics) to reports

This information helps you customize the built-in reports by adding additional series (metrics) or apps in different report suites to compare data.


Mobile app metrics are also available in marketing reports and analytics, ad hoc analysis, data warehouse, and other Analytics reporting interfaces. If a breakdown or report type is not available in Adobe Mobile, it can be generated by using a different reporting interface.

In this example, we will customize the Users & Sessions report, but the instructions can apply to any report.

  1. Open your app and click Usage > Users & Sessions.

    Step Result

    This report provides a complete overtime view of our app users. However, we want to add a series to report on app crashes.

  2. Click Customize.

    Step Result

  3. Scroll down and click Add Series.

    The name of the series is populated with the same name as the last series in your list. In the previous illustration, the latest series is App Store Downloads, so a new series is added and is also titled App Store Downloads.

  4. Complete one of the following tasks:

    • To add a new series (metric), click the name of the series you just created and select a new Lifecycle metric from the drop-down list.

      Step Result

    • To add a new app in a different report suite so that you can compare data across apps, click the app name in the newly created series, and select the desired app.

  5. (Conditional) Add filters to the new series.

    For more information, see Add filters to reports.

  6. Click Update and Run.

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