Action Paths report

The Action Paths report is based on path analysis and displays a pathing chart that represents the paths that are taken from one state to another state in the app.

Both the View Paths and Action Paths reports are pathing reports. The View Paths report shows you how users navigate in your app from one screen to the next. The View Actions report shows you the sequence of actions and events, such as clicks, selections, resizing, and so on, that users perform in your app.


You can use a funnel report to combine navigation and actions in one report. For more information, see Funnel.

Each node, shaped like a box, represents a state in the users’ paths though an app. For example, in the graphic above, the top node represents the number of users who launched the app and then picked a photo from the gallery.

To display the options to modify the chart, click a node and click Focus or Expand. For example, if you click the PhotoPicked state in the top node, the Focus and Expand icons display.

To expand, click the + icon. This option displays the additional paths that come into, or go out of, the node. In the graphic below, state 1 is launching the app, state 2 is picking a photo (the item you previously expanded), and state 3 includes the different paths users took:

  • Selecting an item
  • Adding an item
  • Dragging an item
  • Scaling an item

Expanding a state is similar to a funnel.

action path expand

To isolate the node and show paths that come into, and go out of the selected node, click the focus icon icon. In the graphic below, the following paths were completed before users selected a photo:

  • Rotating an item
  • Scaling an item
  • Dragging an item
  • Removing an item

Of the users who selected a photo, the following paths were completed after the photo was selected:

  • Selecting an item
  • Adding an item
  • Dragging an item
  • Scaling an item

action path focus

You can focus or expand multiple nodes to get a detailed view of paths users take in your app. For example:

action path multi

You can configure the following options for this report:

  • Time Period

    Click the Calendar icon to select a custom period or to select a preset time period from the drop-down list.

  • Customize

    Customize your reports by changing the Show By options, adding metrics and filters, and adding additional series (metrics), and more. For more information, see Customize reports.

  • Filter

    Click Filter to create a filter that spans different reports to see how a segment is performing across all mobile reports. A sticky filter allows you to define a filter that is applied to all non-pathing reports. For more information, see Add a sticky filter.

  • Download

    Click PDF or CSV to download or open documents and share with users who do not have access to Mobile Services or to use the file in presentations.

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