Configure SDK Analytics options

You can configure the SDK Analytics options on the Manage App Settings page while creating a new app or editing an existing app.

Type information in the following fields under SDK Analytics Options:

  • Use HTTPS

    Enable HTTPS for added security.

  • Backdate Session Hits

    Enable or disable the ability for the Adobe SDK to backdate session info hits. Session info hits currently consist of crashes and session length. When enabled, the Adobe SDK will backdate the session info hit to 1 second after the last hit of the previous session. This means that crashes and session data will correlate with the correct date in which they happened. One hit will be backdated on every new launch of the application. When disabled, the Adobe SDK will attach the session info to the current lifecycle.

  • Privacy

    Select a privacy option:

    • Send Data Until Opt-Out
    • Hold Data Until Opt-In
  • Session Timeout (Seconds)

    Specify the session timeout value.

    The default is 300 seconds. Specifies the length of time, in seconds, that must elapse between app launches before the launch is considered a new session. This timeout also applies when your application is sent to the background and reactivated. The time that your app spends in the background is not included in the session length.

  • Batch Limit

    Specify how many hits you want to queue before sending data.

    Set to 0 to send hits immediately. The batch limit represents the threshold for number of hits to be sent in consecutive calls. For example, if this option is set to 10, each hit prior to the 10th hit will be stored in the queue. When the 10th hit comes in, all 10 hits are sent consecutively.

  • More Details

    Click the More Details link to view the report suite ID and tracking server, enable or disable offline tracking, and view the character encoding model being used (such as UTF-8).

    When offline tracking is enabled, data generated by the device while offline is timestamped and sent later. If this option is disabled, offline data is discarded.

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