Configuring your App

On the Manage App Settings page, you can make the following types of changes:

  • App Information

    This section includes information such as the name of the app, the type of app, key metrics, lifecycle, and location reports.

    • Lifecycle Reports


      If you created the report suite in Adobe Analytics, you must enable lifecycle reports. If you created the report suite in Adobe Mobile, this option is enabled by default.

      This report allows you to measure the following metrics:

      • Acquisition

        Track referring URLs for app-download campaigns. For more information, see Acquisition.

      • Lifecycle

        Track the metrics and dimensions that can be measured automatically by the mobile library after lifecycle is implemented. For more information, see the following sections:

      • App Actions

        Enable reports and pathing based on in-app actions.

      • Lifetime Value

        Understand how users accrue value over time by using app KPIs, such as purchases, ad views, video completes, social shares, photo uploads, and more.

      • Timed Events

        Measure the amount of time that elapses (in-app and total time) between key app actions, such as time before first purchase.

  • Location Reports

    This option lets you enable reports to track latitude and longitude and identify specific Points of Interest (POIs). You can also track bluetooth beacons (UUID, major, minor, and proximity).

  • App SDKs and Developer Tester Tools


    Before you download the SDKs and tools, you must configure the SDK Analytics options. For more information, see Configure the SDK Analytics Options.

    When you are ready to upgrade to the 4.x SDKs, or if you are working on a new app, download the latest SDKs and development tools from the bottom of the Manage App Settings page.

    After set up is complete, you can send the configuration file to your developers so that data can be collected properly. If you are not ready to download SDKs and tools now, click Manage App Settings and click the app to display the App Information page at any time.

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